Ahad, 15 Januari 2012

for someone special in my life!!

I'm not easy to fall in love

I'm not easy to confess i love

I'm do not easily say

I fell in love

my melodies is solely just for love
my restrains ** are just for you
No deceit, swear "i love"
Until my eyes are closed
my Love until my eyes are closed

Oh God I love him
Give me life
never i'll hurt him
punish me when it occurs..

for dy yg special sgt dlm ido aq skunk ny..rsenye ayt at ats dh dpt mjelas an mksodnye kn?kn?kn?hope sgt kw dpt fhm q..huh!q sndri xfaham perasaan q skunk at kw..sma ada cinte or not..coz kdg2 q pon plik cmne lar q ley jealous nan kw..pdhal kte xde papew hubungan pon..sowei ok..kdg2 i t'llu ikot an emosi..coz q xsndri xtwu..npew ley jd cm tu..d lua dugaan q..

peace :P

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